Cartoon Work Available for Your Publication

Since 1997 I have been creating and selling cartoons that are artful and original,
address an issue in a clear and entertaining way, and are delivered on time and
on budget.

Rates for my work vary depending on your needs and the type of publication you
have. Usually I am contacted by Editors and Publishers. If your publication could
use some original, good humoured but insightful cartoons, please
contact me.

Please note I own the copyright to all of my work. If you would like to reprint
something, please
contact me and we can discuss it.
Selected Publications My Cartoons Have Been Featured

Life Outside The Box Cartoon & Humour Zine

Blacklock's Reporter

Winchester Press

Harmony House Financial Planning Brochure

The Herstory Day Calendars

Horizons Magazine

Herizons Magazine

Crafter's Resource Guide

Cahoots Magazine

Hip Mama Magazine

Homebase: A Forum For Mothers

The New Quarterly

Caricature-Canadian Editorial Cartoons (Linda Leith Publishing)

Mothering Canada: Interdisciplinary Voices (Demeter Press)

The Best Contemporary Women's Humor (Crossing Press)

An editorial cartoon originally published in Winchester Press was featured as
part of the Canadian Editorial Cartoonist Exhibit, McCord Museum, Montreal, QC.
Sheree A. Bradford-Lea (SABL)
Cartoonist & Mixed Media Artist, Sculptor, Maker

'Cures for a
Crabby Day'
Please note: Have fun, but don't copy. All cartoons,
other artwork and content contained on this website
are the creations of Sheree Bradford-Lea, copyright
2020 for viewing enjoyment only, on this site only.

For all inquiries please
Contact Me.
More cartoons can be
viewed at the amazing
Blacklock's Reporter 'Best
of Sheree' feature.
More cartoons can be
viewed at the amazing
Blacklock's Reporter,
'Best of Sheree' feature.