Classes Offered

For the next while I'm doing workshops and talks only, to make room for creative projects.

Please check below for details on workshops/talks available.
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Sheree A. Bradford-Lea (SABL)
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Workshops And Informative Talks For Your Group

I do workshops and talks suitable for groups of all ages. They're fun for everyone!

The usual workshop and talk types I give are in the areas of:


Watercolour, Acrylic Art Experimenting

Theatre Basics

Left-handed Learning Support Methods and Teaching Tips

Cartooning Career Opportunities

Visual, Auditory, Tactile Personalities: Making Your Office/Cubicle Space Work For You

Team Building and Stress Relief

And I'm always open to creating more!

Each workshop or talk I do is tailored to meet your group's needs.

Rates vary depending on your needs. Basically I expect a fair wage, but I'm not out to
break the bank. If you have a restricted budget please let me know and we can look at options.

If you think you'd like a workshop or talk of some kind, please
contact me and we can discuss it!