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Latest News

I am lucky enough to be part of an energizing and amazingly talented and creative group of fibre artists
here in Ottawa, Out Of The Box Fibre Artists (OOTB). My mixed media art installaion 'Keep An Eye On Your
Mother (Lest She Fade Away)' was a part of the
Colour Unboxed Fibre Art Exhibit, at The Mississippi
Textile Museum in Almonte. I also had two smaller 12" by 12" mixed media fibre art pieces in the exhibit,
part of a multi-year group colour challenge.

Mine were only three pieces of this very large and terrific exhibit. The exhibit ran from December 20th,
2017 to February 7th, 2017. As a bonus, many of the pieces were for sale.
My Mixed Media Art: Part Of
The OOOTB Art Exhibit 'Colour Unboxed'
At The Mississippi Textile Museum

Latest News Archive!

April 2017, Puppets at
The Happening,

June 2017, Ottawa
Small Press Book Fair

July 2017, Stone
Carving at The
Canadian Stone
Carving Festival,

November 2017,
Ottawa Small Press
Book Fair
The fabulous 'Colour Unboxed' fabric art exhibit
has now ended!  

A special thanks to all of those who participated
in my interactive art installation, 'Keep An Eye
On Your Mother'.

All visitors were asked to write down the
names (last ones too!) of their great
grandmothers. People were asked to write
them down, because that was the test of
whether we really remember them, or whether
we only think we do.

Those many people who did participate, and
even some who didn't, said it made them think
about the importance of mothers, and the
importance of honouring their names.

And another special thanks to everyone who
made all those wonderful comments about the
'colour challenge' art pieces! It was the last
chance to see them all together, and they were
spectacular. I was happy to have two pieces
among them--one done for the black and white
challenge, the other done for the magenta
My Interactive Installation:
'Keep An Eye On Your Mother (Lest
She Fade Away'