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Latest News

I am lucky enough to be part of an energizing and amazingly talented and creative group of fibre artists
here in Ottawa, Out Of The Box Fibre Artists (OOTB). Two of my mixed media art pieces are in the
OOTB 'Canadian Landmarks' exhibit, at the Stittsville Public Library.

The theme of 'Canadian Landmarks' could be interpreted any way the artists saw fit. In my case, I had a
piece of driftwood that made me think of a dragon, and I've lately had an interest in macrame knots. But
could a dragon be a Canadian landmark? If we can have dragon boat races, and lots of hills and valleys
for dragons to stay, why not? So, an 'Ottawa Dragon, Passing Through' is in the exhibit.

The second piece is a combination of fibre art, paint, wire and foam. As you know, I love to carve, so
the Polar bear came first. I couldn't help but see a doll riding it, and providing some comfort (or is the
bear providing comfort to her? :D) That's how the piece 'Cold Comfort' came about.

Mine are only two pieces of this terrific exhibit. If you can, come see it! The exhibit is there until
November 30th. As a bonus, many of the pieces are for sale.
My Art Is Part Of
The Out Of The Box Fibre Art Exhibit
At Stittsville Public Library

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April 2017, Puppets at
The Happening,

June 2017, Ottawa
Small Press Book Fair

July 2017, Stone
Carving at The
Canadian Stone
Carving Festival,

November 2017,
Ottawa Small Press
Book Fair

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