Sheree A. Bradford-Lea (SABL) Cartoonist, Provider of Happy Arts
'Cures for a Crabby Day'
I am a freelance professional Cartoonist and humour writer. Since 1994 my cartoons and humour have been
published in a wide range of publications, including online news journals, books, magazines, calendars,
educational materials and newspapers (
more details here). In addition, one of my editorial cartoons was
exhibited at the McCord Museum in Montreal, QC, as part of the Canadian Editorial Cartoonists exhibition.

I create cartoons that are artful and original, address an issue in a clear and entertaining way, and are delivered
on time and on budget.

Rates for my work vary depending on your needs and the type of publicati
on you have, starting at $440 for an
colour single panel illustration or cartoon and $400 for an original black and white single panel
illustration or cartoon (with the exception of caricatures, I don't do them). If you have a limited budget
however, we can of course discuss options. Please note that I am usually contacted by editors,  publishers and
educators for cartooning
and illustration work.

For more information please
contact me.
Cartoon Reprints.
I hold the copyright to
all of my cartoons.
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(Sheree Bradford-Lea)
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About Sheree
Please note: Have fun, but don't copy. All cartoons, other artwork and content contained on this website are the creations of
Sheree Bradford-Lea, copyright 2018, for viewing enjoyment only, on this site only. For all inquiries please
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