Happy January And Welcome to The Monthly Lefty Lowdown Newsletter!

The Lefty Lowdown was formed to examine old, incorrect information about left-handedness; examine new,
correct information; use the true information to support left-handed learners; and share effective teaching tips.
This researched information is not only for the at least 1 in 8 wonderful people who are left-handed;
it is also to inform wonderful right-handed people. The Lefty Lowdown provides information hand over fist!

         Top 10 Disadvantages of Being A Right-Hander And Top 10 Advantages of Being A left-Hander:
                                                  A Tongue-In-Cheek Look At All of Us

                                                                                                  Copyright 2018 by Sheree Bradford-Lea

                                                Top Ten Disadvantages Of Being a Right-Hander

      1. There is no famous right-handed people list.

              2. You have no idea whether right-handedness is genetic or environmental.

              3. You have to fight left-handers for right-handed desks.

              4. Only one out of the last four U.S. presidents have been right-handed.

              5. You don't have any excuse if you stink at playing right-handed
      musical instruments.

              6. You lie awake fearing that it might not be a right-handed world.

              7. You never get a Right-Handers Day.

              8. Your dinner roll gets taken by left-handed people at the dining

              9. You're less likely to be related to the British Royal Family.

            10. No one ever tells you you're in your right mind.

                                                              Top Ten Advantages of Being a Left-Hander

      1. You can remember what a left hand looks like by studying the cover
      of that one day planner for left-handers that comes out every year.

      2. You never have to worry about getting eye strain from reading all the learning instuctions
      for left-handers.

              3. You can absolutely depend on the famous left-handed persons list to stay exactly the same as
      it was a hundred years ago.

      4. You can be sure that the only time you'll be called on to participate in a research study is
      when someone's trying to link left-handedness to a brain disorder.

      5. You never have to worry about being overwhelmed by the number of left-handed tools to
      choose from.

      6. You get to hone your debating skills whenever you say: "I need to learn this task left-handed".

      7.  You can be assured that your problem-solving skills will get a good work-out every time your
      cell phone manufacturer comes out with updates that immediately exclude left-handed
      use again.

      8. You get to hear fun history information such as "you left-handed people used to have your
      hands tied behind your backs".

      9.  You get to have people remind you of those endearing little names for left-handedness such
      as "south paw", "awkward", and "backward".

     10. If you're having problems learning something you can depend on that mirror image
      teaching method to solve every last one.
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