Latest SABL Cartoon Creations Being Created, Soon To Be Sold.

I've been creating more and more artisan art crafts, which are fun and useful
'Cures for a
Crabby Day'. These will be available soon at select Artisan fairs and
gift shops in the Ottawa area. Please watch this space for details!
About Sheree
Since 2007 I've been selling my multi media and cartoon themed artisan
creations through my SABL Cartooning Creations business. These range
from hand crafted calendars, t-shirts and magnets to my lates forays into
working with veg tan leather. My creations are sold in the Ottawa area.
Sheree A. Bradford-Lea (SABL)
SABL Cartoon Creations
'Cures for a Crabby Day'
Please note: Have fun, but don't copy. All cartoons, other artwork and content contained on this website are the creations of
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