Other, Includes:

Puppet Performances as part of Shanima
Puppet Players, The Happening Ottawa 2017

Educational articles about cartooning and
attention enhancement; the power of the
single panel (gag) cartoon; psychology articles;
plays and monologues

Specialized Study In Puppetry,
New England Puppetry Intensive

Artist-Educator Certification, Learning
Through The Arts, Royal Ontario Conservatory

M.A. Psychology, Wilfrid Laurier University

Specialized Drama Study,
Three Schools/The Artist's Workshop, Toronto

Workshop Clients Include:

Algonquin College

Ottawa-Carleton Public Schools

Ottawa Public Library

Ottawa Girl Guides

Ottawa Boy Scouts

Funatorium Explorium

The Social Learning Centre
Are Food for
Your Brain!

Formal Education Includes:

Sheree A. Bradford-Lea (SABL)
Cartoonist, Provider of Happy Arts

'Cures for a
Crabby Day'

Please note: Have
fun, but don't copy.
All cartoons, other
artwork and content
contained on this
website are the
creations of Sheree
copyright 2017, for
viewing enjoyment
only, on this site only.

For all inquiries
Contact Me.

Please note that
publications where
my cartoons and
other art are or
have been
featured, as
well as selected
experiences are
posted on this

Mixed Media Art Exhibitions (Group Shows)

Britannia Art Gallery, The Museum of Nature,  
Shenkman Arts Centre, Atomic Rooster, St. Brigid's
Center for the Arts, Ottawa Little Theatre,
Mississippi Textile Museum

Publications Cartoons Published, Include:

Blacklock's Reporter, Winchester Press, Cahoots, Horizons,
Herstory Day Calendars, Caricature-Canadian Editorial
Cartoons (Linda Leith Publishing)
More here

Arts Classes Created And Taught Include:

Creative Cartooning and Illustration Professor,
Algonquin College (2009 to 2013):

Creative Cartooning
& Illustration I
Creative Cartooning
& Illustration II

Mad Skills Cartooning Summer Camp
Career Samplers

Arts Instructor,
Canterbury Community Association
(2007 to 2018):

Various Courses in
Cartooning, Drama, Drawing
& Painting,
Creative Art Techniques, Left-Handed
Learning Support
Biography In a Nutshell

I'm a freelance Cartoonist and provider of happy arts, based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Since 1994 my cartoons and humour writing have been published in books, newspapers, magazines,
calendars, zines, journals and various educational materials. In addition to these I publish a bi-annual
cartoon zine, as well as comic books and instruction books through my company, SABL Cartoon Creations.

My mixed media art is exhibited in galleries and other locations throughout Ottawa. I have worked
professionally in theatre productions in Hamilton, Toronto, Stratford and Kingston, and had script work
professionally produced. My articles on cartooning benefits have been published in journals and
educational magazines.

Since 2007 I have created and taught classes and workshops in various Ottawa area locations.