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Sheree A. Bradford-Lea (SABL)
Cartoonist, Arts Educator
'Cures for a
Crabby Day'

Please note: Have
fun, but don't copy.
All cartoons, other
artwork and content
contained on this
website are the
creations of Sheree
copyright 2007- 2017,
for viewing
enjoyment only, on
this site only.

For all inquiries
Contact Me.

Please note that only
selected publications
where my cartoons
and other art are or
have been featured,
as well as selected
experiences are posted
on this
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The Lefty Lowdown:
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Hand Over Fist
The April 2017 Lefty Lowdown
Issue Is Up!
The latest on rotary fabric
cutters, and how the
left-handed population is like
a donut! All that and cartoons

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